MiMA -VNA Electric Articulated Forklift

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MiMA -VNA Electric Articulated Forklift



Truck Type:




Load Capacity:


Lift Height:

4600mm - 12500mm

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The load capacity of MJ series articulated forklift can be 2 tons and the max lifting height can be 12.5m. Adopting front single drive mechanical differential bridge design, maintenance free full AC motor, large speed ratio gearbox which provides a greater climbing ability. It mainly to meet customers’ demand of efficiency priority, medium and heavy duty working conditions, high lifting speed, high driving speed, large capacity battery, excellent ergonomics, easy operation, safety and excellent performance.

Main Features


  •  Adopting new concept and novel streamlined design, the visual effect is greatly improved. This articulated forklift is a reliable choice with compact and simple appearance.
  • Adopting wide view mast design with wireless camera and video display.


  • International advanced MOSFET AC controller system enables the forklift to be controlled by computer program for walking, steering, lifting, and tilting.
  • Large-angle fully opened cover and removable rear door panel are convenient for battery replacement and maintenance.


  • AC motor has no maintenance cost such as replacing carbon brush. Reliability and long service life can be guaranteed with high-efficiency AC power system, complete protection functions, speed sensor and temperature sensor.
  • Safety is greatly improved by OPS function as standard configuration.
  • Equipped with high-brightness laser light, the operator can have a reliable reference when stacking in very narrow aisle.

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