MiMA MQC- 2.5t/3.0t/3.5t/4.0t/4.5t/5.0t Electric Multi-Directional Forklift

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MiMA MQC- 2.5t/3.0t/3.5t/4.0t/4.5t/5.0t Electric Multi-Directional Forklift



Truck Type:



ElectricLithium-Ion Electric

Load Capacity:


Lift Height:


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  • Our Multi directional forklift is a specially designed forklift for long material using, with straight travelling, side travelling and in situ rotating functions, capacity is from 2.5t – 5.0t, max lifting height up to 4.0t is 8m. 4.5t / 5.0t is 7m
  • OPS system, EPS steering and integrated handling
  • For long material handling, such as metal profiles, wood, curtain wall, steel pipe and others
Main Features:
  • Curtis controller, more safe and stable
  • Free maintenance AC drive system and full AC system
  • Semi-enclosed cab
  • Fork positioner
  • Rear dual-drive electromagnetic brake: Equipped with rear-wheel electromagnetic brake, the braking effect is of high quality, it can be used on slippery and icy ground, making the operator’s work safer
  • Solid rubber tire: excellent road adaptability, easy to deal with various complex conditions of slippery / potholes, and can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Strong battery life: full AC system design, with high efficiency and energy saving, meets multiple operating requirements under heavy working conditions
  • Comfort with the ergonomically designed cab provides a large operating space and excellent all-round visibility.

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