MiMA TKA Series – 3 Wheel 1T / 1.5T Electric Counterbalance Forklift

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MiMA TKA Series – 3 Wheel 1T / 1.5T Electric Counterbalance Forklift



Truck Type:

3-Wheel ForkliftCounter BalanceElectricWarehouse


ElectricLithium-Ion Electric

Load Capacity:


Lift Height:


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The TKA 3 Wheel Counterbalance Forklift Truck is a light weight forklift that is suitable for tight spaces and floor work due to its compact size and light weight. This model is perfect for small turning radius and small stacking aisles to improve space utilization. Flexible steering for easier operation. It is suitable for horizontal handling and stacking in narrow aisle.

Main Features

✔️ 5 Years battery Warranty

✔️ 2 Years truck Warranty

✔️ Lithium Battery option available

✔️ Capacity 1,000kgs – 1,500kgs

✔️ Multiple mast heights available up to 4,500mm

✔️ Duplex mast and Triplex mast available with slim design for improved visibility

✔️ Curtis Control system

✔️ AC driving motor and DC lifting motor

✔️ Pure Electric steering for easier control and efficiency

✔️ Beacon, container lights, Blue lights and reverse lights

Products Features


  • Three sets of brake systems provide safety protection for the forklift and operator regardless of whether the forklift is in operation or not.
  • Ramp auxiliary brake system. When the forklift starts on the ramp, the system immediately applies a reverse force to the tire to prevent the forklift from moving backwards.
  • The battery sinking design performs excellent stability and more load capacity.

Energy saving

  • The application of pure electric steering, electronically controlled automatic temperature control system and other technologies makes the forklift endurance strong.
  • When the gantry is lowered to the bottom, the buffer technology greatly reduces the impact of the mast and reduces the damage of the cargo. Combined with the vehicle noise reduction technology, the operator works easily and comfortably.
  • The steering wheel and seat position are adjustable.

Li-ION Battery:

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