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Packed with many new features, the 600mm load centre 120D-9V, 130D-9V, 160D-9V and 1200mm load centre, 160D-9LV are more fuel efficient compared to the previous models. Featuring the new next-generation cab, these forklifts are quieter and more comfortable, perfect for stress-free operation in ports, logistics and other heavy lift applications.

Upgrade your comfort and control

Our next generation cabin is designed to provide every operator with a comfortable environment that boosts productivity and reduces fatigue.

  • A premium quality Grammar seat as standard, ensures comfortable driving all day.
  • New one-piece, curved front windscreen and glass side doors for excellent all round visibility.
  • Internal noise has been reduced by 5.9 dB.
  • A new colour monitor with large icons makes it easy to check operating conditions.
  • The steering wheel diameter has been reduced by 35 mm to minimise shoulder fatigue.
  • The inching and brake pedals have been moved for a more comfortable foot position.

Upgrade your efficiency

An optimised engine and new load-sensing hydraulic system help to boost your profits through unprecedented efficiency.

  • Powerful Stage V Cummins B4.5 (120D-9V, 130D-9V) and B6.7 (160D-9V, 160D-LV) diesel engine delivers increased fuel efficiency.
  • A triple separate (TS) mast is available as an option for improved visibility in overhead work.
  • The new ZF transmission offers enhanced response and improved transmission reliability.
  • Load sensing hydraulics dramatically reduces fuel usage by removing the EGR system and applying a load sensing variable displacement pump and load sensing MCV.
  • New drive axle provides optimal rigidity and strength for high-load work.

Upgrade your safety

Our aim is to help create a safe working environment where you can achieve the highest productivity possible.

  • Our 3-stage TS mast provides outstanding forward visibility by placing the primary cylinder on the left and right sides.
  • Auto parking brake prevent accidents caused by human error.
  • Seat belt interlock system protects operators from injury by restricting operation.
  • A speed limit can be programmed in advance and activated using a switch on the console.
  • OPSS (Operator Presence Sensing System) restricts driving, lifting and tilting, when the driver leaves the seat.
  • Machine inclination warning alerts the driver if the pre-set stability values are exceeded.
  • Passcode-protected start-up prevents theft, break-ins or accidents.

Upgrade your maintenance

These forklifts are designed to make maintenance as convenient as possible to ensure a long, trouble-free service life.

  • Large counterweight opening allows easy inspection or exchange of the aftertreatment device.
  • The load-sensing hydraulic control valves are designed for minimum leakage.
  • Auto tilting cabin can be tilted by up to 52° to allow access to the powertrain and electric/ hydraulic systems.
  • Upgraded instrument cluster checks engine diagnostics and service scheduling.
  • Waterproof and dustproof fuse and relay box are centralised in an external container.
  • A wing-type engine cover reduces equipment downtime by providing quick access to the radiator and engine consumables.

LOAD CAPACITY: 12000 / 13000 / 16000 kg


LIFTING HEIGHTS: 3305 / 3300 / 4020 mm

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