Crown SCT6020- Buy Now £11,780 + Vat – 1.6 Ton Twin Wheel Electric Forklift – Rent For £68 P/W

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Crown SCT6020- Buy Now £11,780 + Vat – 1.6 Ton Twin Wheel Electric Forklift – Rent For £68 P/W



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Counter BalanceElectricWarehouse



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  • 3.2m Duplex Stage Mast
  • 1100mm fork length
  • side shift
  • load back-rest
  • beacon
  • container lights
  • Reverse Light
  • 48v
  • 1,666 hours / 2015 year

Introducing the Preowned Crown SCT6020 Three Wheel Counterbalance Forklift: Where Performance Meets Innovation

Elevate your operations with the renowned Crown SCT6020 Three Wheel Counterbalance Forklift. As an industry leader in innovation, Crown has consistently impressed customers and industry experts alike with its award-winning product design, advanced engineering, and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The SC Series Forklift sets the standard for value and versatility, delivering unparalleled power, maneuverability, and dependability to meet the demands of both the application and the operator. With meticulous attention to detail, advanced engineering, and task-focused ergonomics, the SC Series strikes the perfect balance between performance and comfort.

Enhanced with leading-edge technology, the Crown SCT6020 boasts an impressive array of features designed to optimize performance and productivity. In a recent expert test, this stylish 1.6-tonne truck received a commendable overall score of 1.8 (Good), earning praise for its excellent visibility, upgraded operator comfort, and innovative features such as the new D4 Armrest.

The SC Series three-wheel forklift offers unparalleled manoeuvrability with a zero turning radius, making it ideal for use in even the tightest spaces. With a load capacity ranging from 1300 to 2000 kg and a maximum lift height of 7490 mm, this forklift is designed to tackle the toughest tasks with ease.

Specifically tailored to meet your needs, this preowned Crown SCT6020 comes equipped with a 3.2m Duplex Stage Mast, 1100mm fork length, side shift, load back-rest, beacon, container lights, reverse light, and a powerful 48V battery offering 1,666 hours of reliable operation since its 2015 manufacture year.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Elevate your operations with the Crown SCT6020 Three Wheel Counterbalance Forklift and experience the difference that industry-leading innovation can make.

Why Crown, you ask? Let us tell you:
🔹 Established in 1960, Crown boasts decades of expertise in the material handling industry.
🔹 As a leading innovator, Crown sets the standard for world-class forklift and material handling equipment.
🔹 Crown designs and manufactures up to 85 percent of its forklift components, ensuring unrivaled quality and reliability.
🔹 From motors to drive units and electronic modules, every part bears the Crown mark of excellence.
🔹 When it says Crown on the outside, rest assured, it’s a Crown on the inside.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your operations with Crown quality. Explore our wide selection of Crown stock, available now or coming soon!

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