MiMA MQC30D -3T 4-Way Directional Electric Forklift

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MiMA MQC30D -3T 4-Way Directional Electric Forklift



Truck Type:



ElectricLithium-Ion Electric

Load Capacity:


Lift Height:


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  • Electric 4 way forklift is special forklift for long material using, with straight travelling, side travelling and in situ rotating functions, lifting capacity is 3ton, height capacity 8m
  • OPS system, hydraulic steering and multiple valve operation
  • For long material handling, such as metal profiles, wood, curtain wall, steel pipe and others
Main Features:
  • Curtis controller, more safe and stable
  • Free maintenance AC drive system and full AC system
  • Semi-enclosed cab and fork positioner
  • Reasonable layout, low center gravity, small size
  • Imported proportional valve, handle and display


Brand                                                                                      MiMA                          
Model MQC30D
Power Type Battery
Operation Type Seated
Service weight(incl. battery)kg5480
Rated CapacityQ(kg)3000
Load CenterC(mm)600
Max. Lifting heighth3(mm)3000
Forks sizel/e/s(mm)1200/150/50
Front Overhangx(mm)305
Mast ground clearanceml(mm)150
Max. climbing ability%(tanθ )8/10
Driving speed(load/unload)km/h7.8/9
Lifting speed(load/unload)mm/s230/350
Lowering speed(load/unload)mm/s170/150


  • Three braking systems, can provide necessary protection for vehicle and driver
  • OPS system, when driver leaves seat, the forklift will stop to work

Energy saving

  • With LED headlight, warning light, low-resistance tyre, automatic steering dormancy, electronic automatic temperature control system


  • Reduce impacting and cargo damage with mast battering technology, suspention seat
  • Ergonomic design of cab, provide a comfortable, safe and high efficient working environment


  • Separate vehicle and battery, making gravity is in the center, more stable

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