Hifoune -Electric Order Picker 1.0 ton

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Stock Number: OP10

Hifoune -Electric Order Picker 1.0 ton



Truck Type:

ElectricElectric Reach TruckOrder Picker



Load Capacity:


Lift Height:


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Model   OP10-3 OP10-6
Power Type   Battery Battery
Operation Type   Stand-on Stand-on
Service weight(incl. battery) kg 2490 2830
Rated Capacity Q(kg) 1000 1000
Load Center C(mm) 500 500
Lifting height h3(mm) 3000 6000
Forks size l/e/s(mm) 1070/100/40 1070/100/40
Front Overhang x(mm) 148 160
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1625 1625
Max. climbing ability %(tanθ ) / /
Driving speed(load/unload) km/h 4/4.8 4/4.8
Lifting speed(load/unload) mm/s 110/125 110/125
Lowering speed(load/unload) mm/s 310/260 310/260

Product Features

Electric Order Picker OP series

Main Features of electric order picker forklift:

1.The cover board with direction display, easy to know the driving direction even in high-order position;

2.The Vehicle have driving alarm, and safety belt, to ensure the safe driving;

3.Mast Buffering function;

4.The high level order picker including automatic high level order picker and semi-automatic high level order picker;

5.The Series High level order picker, rated load capacity: 1000kg, max lift height:4500mm;

6.With driving direction display, easy to know the direction even in high level;

7.With driving alarm and safety belt;

8.Mast with buffering function.

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