MiMA MJ20 Series – VNA Articulated Forklift

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MiMA MJ20 Series – VNA Articulated Forklift



Truck Type:

ArticulatedElectricElectric Reach TruckMulti-DirectionVNA


ElectricLithium-Ion Electric

Load Capacity:


Lift Height:

4600mm - 12500mm

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VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Lithium Ion Articulated Forklifts

Introducing our VNA Electric Articulated Forklift, the pinnacle of efficiency and performance in material handling. With a load capacity of up to 2 tons and a maximum lifting height of 12.5 meters, our MJ series forklift is engineered to meet the demands of medium to heavy-duty working conditions with unparalleled efficiency.

Unlock the full potential of your warehouse space with our VNA Electric Articulated Forklifts. Experience unmatched efficiency, safety, and versatility while minimizing costs and maximizing productivity.

Main Features:

  1. Comfort: The forklift features a new streamlined design for enhanced visual appeal, along with a compact and simple appearance. The wide-view mast design, coupled with a wireless camera and video display, ensures optimal visibility for the operator.
  2. Convenience: Equipped with an international advanced MOSFET AC controller system, the forklift can be controlled seamlessly for walking, steering, lifting, and tilting via computer program. Additionally, the large-angle fully opened cover and removable rear door panel facilitate easy battery replacement and maintenance.
  3. Performance: The maintenance-free full AC motor ensures reliability and long service life, eliminating costs associated with carbon brush replacements. The high-efficiency AC power system, complete with protection functions and sensors, guarantees consistent performance and reliability. Standard OPS function enhances safety, while high-brightness laser lights provide reliable reference during stacking in very narrow aisles.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: With impressive lifting heights and VNA operation in aisle-widths as narrow as 1.9 meters, our forklifts enable efficient utilization of vertical space, resulting in up to a 50% increase in warehouse storage capacity.
  • Versatile Performance: Designed to operate seamlessly on any floor surface, both indoors and outdoors, our forklifts eliminate the need for separate reach and counterbalance machines, thereby minimizing costs and streamlining material handling processes.
  • Efficiency Guaranteed: Constructed with high-quality, robust materials, our forklifts ensure durability and reliability even in heavy-duty applications. Each forklift is meticulously manufactured to the highest standards, utilizing premium-grade steel and castings.


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