MiMA-MK30-Full Cab- Buy Now £25,777 + Vat or Rent £139 P/W

In Stock Available Today - MIMA 3.0T Full Cab / Heater, Lithium Electric Counter Balance Forklift

Stock Number: 230923347K30F

MiMA-MK30-Full Cab- Buy Now £25,777 + Vat or Rent £139 P/W



Truck Type:

4-WHEELED ELECTRIC FORKLIFTSCounter BalanceElectricFull CabWarehouse


ElectricLithium-Ion Electric

Load Capacity:


Lift Height:


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4.8m Triple Mast

1200mm fork length

Side shift

Load back-rest


Container lights

Reverse light,

Lithium Fuelled Cells

80V – 11.75KW

3.0 Ton electric forklift with the latest Advanced Curtis controller, is more stable and safer Than ever

Maintenance-free AC drive system makes the vehicle react more quickly and accurately. It is equipped with a full AC system.

Wide-view gantry design to improve work efficiency.

The whole vehicle layout is more reasonable, with low center of gravity, small size and low self-weight.

High Energy Density
It has a larger capacity than a lead-acid battery. The volume of a lithium battery of the same specification is 2/3 of that lead-acid battery, and its weight is 1/3 of that lead-acid battery.

Long Cycle Life
Lithium iron phosphate batteries have higher energy efficiency, with a cycle life of more than 3000 times and a life span of 8-10 years.

Intelligent Battery Management System
It has an intelligent BMS battery management system, with protection functions such as low battery power, short circuit, overcharge and high temperature, which are higher and safer.

Fast Charging
Provide 0.5C-1C fast charging rate, the fastest 2 hours can be fully charged.And the lithium battery has no memory effect, can be charged and discharged optionally, no need to discharge first and then charge.

Wide Temperature Range
Battery working temperature environment: -20°C-50°C. Charging temperature environment: 0°C-50°C, always excellent from severe cold to intense heat.

Automotive Grade Batteries
Higher production standards, higher testing standards, automotive-grade standard batteries, high product quality and safety.

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